.NET Foundational - Online Trainer-Led Training – 28th April to 27th May 2018

What is .NET Framework?

The .NET Framework is a technology that supports building and running the next generation of apps and XML Web services. The .NET Framework is designed to fulfill the following objectives:

ü  To provide a consistent object-oriented programming environment whether object code is stored and executed locally, executed locally but Internet-distributed, or executed remotely.

ü  To provide a code-execution environment that minimizes software deployment and versioning conflicts.

ü  To provide a code-execution environment that promotes safe execution of code, including code created by an unknown or semi-trusted third party.

ü  To provide a code-execution environment that eliminates the performance problems of scripted or interpreted environments.

ü  To make the developer experience consistent across widely varying types of apps, such as Windows-based apps and Web-based apps.

ü  To build all communication on industry standards to ensure that code based on the .NET Framework integrates with any other code.

Why .NET Framework?

. NET helps you develop high quality applications faster. Modern language constructs like generics, Language Integrated Query (LINQ), and asynchronous programming make developers productive. Combined with the extensive class libraries, common APIs, multi-language support, and the powerful tooling provided by the Visual Studio family, .NET is the most productive platform for developers.

.NET is fast. Really fast. Device applications for Windows, iOS and Android run natively so you can create rich and fluid apps that use all the device capabilities. On the server side, .NET Core performs faster than any other popular framework. That means applications provide better response times and require less compute power.

.NET provides you with immediate security benefits via its managed runtime. A collection of services prevents critical issues like bad pointer manipulation or malicious attempts to alter compiled code. Microsoft takes security very seriously and releases updates quickly when threats are discovered

Training Mode : Online Trainer-Led Interactive Training (GoToMeeting)

Course Schedule: 28th April to 27th May 2018

Training Time : 9AM – 1PM IST

Course Type: Weekend (Saturday and Sunday)

Duration: 40 Hours

.NET Framework Foundational Level -   Weekly Course Coverage

Week 1: 28th April and 29th April

  • Introduction to .NET
  • Pre-requisites
  • Architecture of .NET
  • Setting-up the Development Environment
  • The .Net IDE
  • Introduction to C#
  • Programming in C#

Week 2: 5th May and 6th May 2018

  • Object Oriented Programming
  • Collections
  • File Handling
  • Exceptions
  • LINQ
  • Anonymous Types
  • Exercise

Week 3: 12th May and 13th May 2018

  • Introduction to ASP.Net
  • ASP.Net Web Forms
  • ASP.Net Controls
  • ASP.Net Validations
  • ADO.Net & Data bindings
  • Exercise

Week 4: 19th May and 20th May 2018

  • Introduction to MVC
  • Model, View and Controller
  • Data Transfer in MVC
  • Validations
  • Layout Views
  • Partial Views
  • Exercise

Week 5: 26th May and 27th May 2018

  • Introduction to WCF
  • WCF Architecture
  • Creating WCF Service
  • Hosting WCF Service
  • Consuming WCF Service
  • Exercise


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